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Dobrynya Myshkin
Dobrynya Myshkin

Zoll Aed Plus Serial Number Location

Providing the make, model, and serial number of your AED will help us provide better service. Use the guide below to help identify your AED, and locate the serial number on your device. If you need further assistance, please contact a ZEE Representative at (877) 275-4933.

zoll aed plus serial number location

The serial number on Defibtech defibrillators is located at the upper back of the device. For the Defibtech Lifeline DCF-100, the serial number is located just below the handle. You may need to remove the spare electrode pad bag from the pocket to uncover it.

Thank you for selecting the ZOLL AED 3 as your automated external defibrillator. Fill out the registration form to register your ZOLL AED 3 and extend your warranty from six to eight years at no cost (serial number is required).

Choose a quantity beside eligible AED model being traded and provide serial number of trade-in unit(s) below. If more than 4 units, serial numbers will print on a separate sheet of paper. If unsure where to locate serial numbers, please click the icon next to desired AED model to see an example.

WelchAllyn AED 10, part numbers 970300 and 970302; serial numbers 4613, 4888/4891, 4897, 6369/6386, 6396/6704, 6706, 6709/6743, 6745/6803, 6806, 6807, 6809, 6811, 6813/6832, 6836/6838, 6853/6855, 6912, 6914, 6917, 6921, 6922, 6924/6926. A faulty component has been identified which could result in an intermittent shock button (button #3) failure on the AED10 defibrillator. Posted 7/20/2004 FDA Link 350c69d7ab


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