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Dobrynya Myshkin
Dobrynya Myshkin

Mature Woman In Rubber

Supply will outpace demand by 316,000 metric tons in 2016, compared with 483,000 tons in 2015, according to London-based The Rubber Economist. The adviser increased its forecast for this year's glut by 78 percent in March as output in Thailand, the largest grower and exporter, surpassed predictions. The International Rubber Study Group also raised its estimate saying production will increase as trees planted between 2006 and 2008 mature.

mature woman in rubber

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Inventories in Qingdao, China's main rubber-trading hub, reached a record 270,000 tons as of May 16, according to Qingdao International Rubber Exchange Market. Imports may expand 10.7 percent this year to 4.26 million tons, slowing from last year's growth of 14.3 percent, the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries said this month.

Marriage. Marriage between parallel cousins is considered incestuous; marriage between cross cousins is the preferential form. Of the possible cross cousins the last choice is the father's sister's daughter. A Chácobo groom realizes that he has been accepted as a future husband when his bride cooks the meat he has previously brought her and they eat it together with manioc flour prepared by her. Parents seldom interfere in their daughter's marriage, unless the groom is considered "lazy." The new couple establish their residence in the house of the woman's parents. The son-in-law is required to help his father-in-law in minimal household tasks. Four or five years later, the couple build their own house and the light noninstitionalized bride-service ends. Although monogamy is the predominant marriage rule, polygyny is frequent for mature men.

Domestic Unit. Although Chácobo constitute temporary uxorilocal extended families, the domestic unit is still the nuclear family. The household tasks that the son-in-law has to perform for his wife's father while living with him do not conflict with the time needed for a young husband to work on his own garden or on his own rubber trails. 041b061a72


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