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Dobrynya Myshkin
Dobrynya Myshkin

32-inch Roku Tlc 720p Smart Hdtv EXCLUSIVE

Compared to other budget brands like Toshiba, you can find a 32-inch 720p set going for 229, while the S52K Series starts off at the same 229 with just about the same features. Though, you can find the S52K routinely on sale for less than its retail price.

32-inch Roku Tlc 720p Smart Hdtv

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For all of those reasons and more (not least of all enjoyability when watching movies and TV episodes, flipping through the channels or streaming on Hulu, Netflix, or Disney Plus) 32-inch TVs are the smallest ones I review -- and there are only two current models with this screen size worth recommending. Just like with 43-inch sets, the next-largest size I review, you won't find the latest extras at this size -- all 32-inch TVs still have HD TV (720-pixel or 1080p) resolution instead of 4K and none have picture-enhancing extras such as full-array local dimming. Instead, I prize smart TV features like built-in streaming apps and access to YouTube.

The list below represents the best TVs in the 32-inch size I've reviewed in CNET's test lab, where I compare them side by side to see which ones are most worth buying. When I take into account things like viewing experience, display, refresh rate, resolution, remote control, smart features, streaming, sound, input lag and connectivity, there are only two I can recommend. So, if you're unquestionably in the market for a small TV, here are a couple of good ones.

If you are searching for a small entry-level TV ideal for your kitchen, garage, or home office, the TCL 3-Series Roku Smart TV (32") is your best choice compared to other similar TVs in the same price range. It features a well-balanced 720p resolution and an easy-to-use Roku smart TV interface. The only drawback is the mediocre picture quality. 350c69d7ab


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