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O Dimm Riddle Answer

Geralt took Professor Shakeslock's advice and proposed a wager to Master Mirror. Mirror agreed, but only if it was played out on his terms. He transported Geralt to a strange, dark world and made him solve a riddle. Geralt, who has always had a keen mind for such puzzles, soon found the solution and defeated Gaunter O'Dimm. Was this the last our world will ever see of him? No man can say...

o dimm riddle answer

When it comes the name of Master Mirror. I literally have no solid explanation for this one. My theory is He gives you the reflection of yourself yet, it is not really you. It is more like how you wanna see yourself. If you carefully read the riddle, you can deduce that you are not seeing your exact reflection.

Inside the academy, you'll have to fight four witch hunters, including one with a crossbow. Once they're down, knock on master Shakelock's door. He won't answer, so turn around and look directly behind you for a ladder. Climb it, follow the path around to a second ladder, and finally jump off the roof to the next balcony. Use Aard to shatter the door and gain entry.


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