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1920x1080 New Default Windows 10 Light Theme Wa...

The team behind the image used lasers, pumping smoke machines, colored filters and falling crystal dust, and glass to create the Windows logo. The result is a dark background with light passing through the glass forming the iconic Windows logo. The new image also aligns with the new Windows 10 dark theme.

1920x1080 New Default Windows 10 Light Theme wa...

Star Wars references aside, this was one of the most requested features in Windows 10. More so by users that did not care all that much for the dark layout. If you find yourself in that camp, then this new light theme should be right up your alley.

Even though this new theme is still in development, and at an early design stage, it still looks stunning and very polished. The company has even bundled in a new light default wallpaper, which really contrasts well with the light theme design.

And to top it all off, here is new default wallpaper that Microsoft has included with this theme. It is an iteration of the default Windows 10 background. You can download multiple high-resolution versions of it to grace your desktop, from standard 1080p and 4K to ultrawide and device specific variants.

IMPORTANT: review all the themes available in this Personalization window and remember which is currently highlighted (e.g. the Windows theme in the image above). That is your current theme. You need to know this in case you want to go back to your current color settings.

IMPORTANT: If at any time you want to return to your initial (default) theme, just click on it (in the Personalization window) and the colors will immediately change back to the initial ones.

With the May 2019 Update, or Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft redesigned the light theme so that apps, elements and other core UI elements are all shaded light, so users can experience a greater distinction between the light and dark themes.

The new theme modes can be found by navigating to Settings > Personalization > Themes > Color. From there, you can choose Light, Dark and Custom mode. The custom mode lets you mix and match components of both themes such as combining light apps with dark core UI elements or dark apps with light core UI elements.

Once you turn on the light theme, you'll notice that even the context menu are shaded with lighter colors. On Start menu, the context menu is light shaded and also have Fluent Design. The volume flyout, WiFi flyout and time & date have the light theme as well.

Microsoft has also updated the icons of apps such as Microsoft Store, Settings pinned to the taskbar when you switch to light theme. This is to ensure that taskbar-pinned apps are visible in a light background.

You can use Dark option for the Windows Mode and light option for the app mode to use Windows 10 in the old light theme. You can also Windows 10 in a light color and app in dark mode by inverting both options.

If you are migrating from xinit, you will notice that the display is not launched by your shell. This is because, as opposed to your shell starting the display (and the display inheriting the environment of your shell), LightDM starts your display and does not source your shell. LightDM launches the display by running a wrapper script and that finally exec's your graphic environment. By default, /etc/lightdm/Xsession is run.

The lightdm-webkit2-greeter allows you to choose a background image directly on the login screen. It also offers an option to display a random image each time it starts if you use the Material theme. By default, images are sourced from /usr/share/backgrounds. You can change the background images directory by editing lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf. For example:

There are four new versions of the wallpaper, each based on one of the colors available for the Surface Pro 9. The Platinum and Graphite models have a light purple shade for the bloom pattern with either a dark or light background, which is similar to the Surface Laptop 5 wallpapers. The Forest model comes with a vibrant green wallpaper that looks great, and the Sapphire version uses a new shade of blue with some hints of purple, which is similar, but somewhat different from the default Windows 11 wallpaper. You can check them out below.

Microsoft has been much more open to making different versions of the Windows 11 wallpaper compared to the Windows 10 hero wallpaper, which was only ever blue, with a small variation introduced alongside the light theme for Windows in general. There are multiple color variations now, including two other new colors for the Surface Laptop 5, as well as a more colorful version that was introduced with Windows 11 SE and a few variants based on the Pantone color of the year for 2022.

Although the experience is not as customizable as on Windows 10, you can still change the desktop background with a personal picture or a theme from the Microsoft Store. You can switch between the dark and light color modes or use a custom accent color across the desktop. You can organize your favorite apps in the Start menu. And you can change the alignment of the Taskbar, decide what items appear in the experience, tweak the system tray settings, and a lot more.

Select the UI theme from the list. By default, you can choose between a light, a dark, and a high-contrast theme. You can install other themes as plugins. For more information, see User interface themes. 041b061a72


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