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Leo Gomez
Leo Gomez

Cedar Cove 2x8

This outdoor table was inspired by several other designs online. Made from a cedar 4x4 for legs, 2x8 ripped in half for aprons, and 2x6's for the top. The top is entirely made with dowels and titebond III glue. The aprons are mortise and tenon joints into the legs, with glue blocks for additional support. The top is fastened to the base with exterior (blue) pocket screws. The table was finished with 2 coats of teak oil.

Cedar Cove 2x8

Recommended nailing methods for cedar bevel sidingFace nail with one nail only per bearing. Drive nail so shank clears the top of the preceding undercourse. Beware: Driving nail home with too heavy a final blow may split or cup wood due to lack of support in cavity.

You can exchange your product for an identical product, without it affecting your warranty purchase. If you exchange your product for a different item, you will need to cancel your existing coverage and purchase a new plan, as coverage is tied to the specific product with which it was purchased.

The Protection Plan does not cover damage that occurs during product delivery, pet damage (other than bodily fluids), odor elimination, intentional abuse of the product, or theft or loss of the product.

We created Buffalo Lumber's four interpreted grade categories to describe cedar and redwood softwood grades in terms a layman can understand. Buffalo Lumber guarantees honest communication of wood appearance and performance applied to your project's priorities. We guarantee no surprises!

Our customers Cheryl and Richard (below) installed 1x12" Haida Skirl WRC Mill Select siding on their Kentucky cabin. This wavy edge pattern is sometimes called "wavy bevel". All siding and cedar trim was factory pre-finished with TWP "Cedartone" 1501 Semi Transparent stain.

We were originally only going to work on the inside of the house and ALL material removed from walls and ceilings was restored and returned back into the house. However, much of the exterior siding was rotten and had to be replaced. We struggled for a little bit with the decision on whether to use wood or some type of composite material (like Hardy board or vinyl) but finally settled on wood as being the most historically accurate. This decision was made, in part, as a result of the information on your website. Although ,the original material most likely would have been poplar (all other wood in the house, including the original logs from the log cabin, was poplar), when painted you can't tell and the cedar will last longer.

The delivery went amazing. Once we got a driver he kept in contact with ETA. He did an excellent job, wood was covered by you guys and by him. Couldn't have asked for a better driver and rig. You guys also did a great job with the wood! We are very happy with the colors and quality. Thank you for all your hard work and communicating with me and getting the job finished! I would not hesitate to use your company again in the future, or refer others to you.

For siding, trim, decking, soffit, fencing, and countless other applications, tight knot cedar is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. With natural resistance to decay and insects, cedar is long-lasting and time-tested featuring deep, rich colors and distinctive characteristics. 041b061a72


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