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Crash Time 5 Patch Fr

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is a platform game in which the player primarily controls either the titular character Crash or his sister Coco, who are tasked with saving the multiverse from domination by Doctors Neo Cortex and Nefarious Tropy.[2] The game's levels take place and progress along a linear map that is divided into ten "Dimensions", each with their own theme.[3][4] From this map, the player can switch between controlling Crash or Coco at any time.[5] The game can be played in two different styles, which can be selected before the start of a new game and can be switched at any time in the options menu. The default play style is "Modern", in which the player will always return to the latest checkpoint when the player character dies. In the other play style, "Retro", the player is given a limited number of lives (represented by a floating head of the character currently in play), of which more can be collected within the levels. If the player's last life is lost, the level will be restarted from the beginning. Neither the game's difficulty nor reward progress is affected by the differing play styles.[6]

Crash time 5 patch fr

A feature new to the series is the Quantum Masks, four magical masks that are scattered throughout the game and grant Crash and Coco special powers to traverse obstacles during particular segments.[11] Unlike Aku Aku, the Quantum Masks are not found in crates, but rather materialize in areas where their powers can be used, and transform into a suit worn by Crash and Coco.[12] Lani-Loli can phase objects in and out of tangibility; Akano grants the player character a violent "dark matter spin" that enables them to glide across the air and deflect projectiles; Kupuna-Wa can slow the flow of time; and Ika-Ika can reverse gravity.[13] Aside from Crash and Coco, three other characters are controlled during certain levels: Cortex, Dingodile, and a version of Crash's former love interest Tawna from another dimension. Each character features their own unique move sets: Cortex uses a raygun that can transform enemies into solid or bouncy platforms, along with being able to perform a forward dash. Dingodile uses a vacuum gun that can suck up and fire enemies and objects, as well as draw in faraway collectibles. Tawna, while maintaining some moves used by Crash and Coco, can jump off walls and use a grappling hook to hit objects from long distances.[14][15]

Each level includes a total of twelve Gems, which can be obtained by fulfilling objectives such as collecting a certain amount of Wumpa Fruit, breaking all the level's crates, completing the level without dying more than three times, and finding the Gem in a hidden area. Earning a certain amount of Gems in a level unlocks a cosmetic skin for either Crash or Coco,[9] for each a total of 30 skins can be unlocked.[16] Collecting all of a level's Gems without losing a life earns the player an N. Sanely Perfect Relic, an achievement that is required for the game's full completion.[17] Hidden in the game are four colored Gems that unlock special Bonus areas.[10]

Aside from the main levels, every other Dimension includes a dedicated boss level.[4] Completing any given level will unlock a "Time Trial", in which the player must complete the level as quickly as possible. Time Trials are activated by collecting a stopwatch icon at the beginning of the level. While a Time Trial is active, all checkpoints are removed, thus requiring the player to start the level over if the player character dies.[2] The Time Trials feature "ghost" recordings by the developers that allow for real-time feedback on whether the player's run qualifies for a Sapphire, Gold or Platinum Relic.[11] Clearing the "Trouble Brewing" boss level unlocks an "N.Verted" mode for each level, in which the level's path is inverted, a different visual effect depending on the level's Dimension is applied, and the Wumpa Fruit are rebranded as "Bumpa Berries". Six of a level's twelve Gems are only accessible in the N.Verted mode.[2][9][18] Some levels contain "Flashback Tapes", which must be collected without dying; if the player character dies before collecting a Flashback Tape, it will disappear unless the player restarts the level from the beginning. Collecting a Flashback Tape unlocks a "Flashback Level", a side-scrolling level that takes place before and during the first game.[9][19]

The game features both local cooperative and competitive hotseat multiplayer modes. In Bandicoot Battle, players compete against other players in time trials. It has two distinct modes: Checkpoint Race, in which the player must reach a checkpoint and complete a level as fast as they can, and Crate Combo, which tasks players to smash as many crates as possible while being timed. The cooperative multiplayer mode is called "Pass N. Play", in which players take turns to complete the game's campaign. All multiplayer modes can accommodate up to four players.[20][21]

During their adventure, Crash and Coco meet an alternate version of Tawna, Crash's old girlfriend. Although they are thrilled to see each other, Tawna declines to explain what happened to Crash and Coco in her own dimension, and insists on working alone. At the same time, Crash and Coco's old enemy Dingodile, who recently retired from villainy to run a diner, is sucked into a rift after exacting revenge on a group of rivaling moonshiner bats after they detonate his business, and he traverses through dimensions in his search for home. Crash and Coco find the Quantum Masks Akano and Kupuna-Wa and defeat N. Gin and N. Brio. When they defeat Cortex, N. Tropy betrays him and reveals that he and his new partner (later revealed to be a female version of himself from Tawna's dimension) plan to use the Rift Generator's power to reset the timeline in all dimensions so that they may rule over all existence as gods. An incensed Cortex agrees to team up with the Bandicoots, and the three rescue the last Quantum Mask Ika-Ika. The trio meet up with Dingodile and Tawna on a space station, but Tawna captures Crash and Coco and leaves them bound as she goes to face the Tropies at the Rift Generator herself. After Dingodile and Cortex free Crash and Coco, they happen upon Tawna struggling against the female Tropy, who tauntingly reveals that she killed Crash and Coco herself in Tawna's dimension. After the Tropies are defeated, the Quantum Masks destroy the Rift Generator, sealing all the space-time disruptions.

Conceptual designing for the Quantum Masks began before their mechanics were finalized, with artist Brett Bean drawing influence from various cultures in different time frames.[29] Artist Nicholas Kole designed the four Quantum Masks after they were established. Kupuna-Wa and Ika-Ika were the easiest masks to be designed,[28] with Kupuna-Wa being based around time-based symbols,[30] and Ika-Ika featuring two-halves displaying mountain and ocean motifs; while Ika-Ika's "blustery old gentleman" personality was quickly established, his other personality was originally more nauseous to reflect his side's water imagery.[31] Akano's furrowed brows and frowning mouth were made to invoke arrows pointing to a center, creating a black hole motif.[32] His design was not affected by the change in mechanic from "density" to "dark matter", as Kole felt that his spinning attack resembled a black hole. Lani-Loli's development was the most difficult.[28] During the prototype stage of his gameplay, the solid and transparent objects affected by his ability were colored pink and blue. This influenced Kole to formulate a "dual personality" concept that went as far as the modeling phase.[33] However, the concept was already in use for Ika-Ika,[28] and Lani-Loli's gameplay was altered to revolve around objects of a single color.[33] Kole ultimately created a personality that was "really frantic, nervous, he always feels like he's lost something". From there, he based Lani-Loli's designs on puzzle motifs, which was later simplified to having certain parts of his face (outside of his eyes and mouth) being solid or transparent at any given moment.[28] The Quantum Masks' ability to manipulate time and space was determined as a means of tying together the diverse environments, themes and scenarios created by the art team, and became the basis for the game's narrative.[26]

On June 22, a trailer showcasing gameplay mechanics and featuring the Fatboy Slim track "The Rockafeller Skank" was revealed, as well as a release date of October 2 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.[60] Although a notice on the Microsoft Store indicated that the game would feature "in-app purchases", Toys for Bob later confirmed that there would be no microtransactions, attributing the notice to the free "Totally Tubular" cosmetic skins that were offered as a bonus for those who preordered digital copies through the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store.[61][62] The N. Verted levels and Dingodile's gameplay were revealed on Sony's State of Play livestream on August 6,[18] and the Flashback levels were revealed at the 2020 Gamescom on August 28.[19] On September 8, Tawna's gameplay was revealed, and Activision announced the September 16 release of a demo consisting of the levels "Snow Way Out" and "Dino Dash" as a bonus to those who had preordered a digital copy of the game through the PlayStation Store.[15] A launch trailer featuring the Chemical Brothers song "Go" was released on September 22, over a week before the game's release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 2, 2020.[63] Those who preordered a physical copy of the game through GameStop received a minute hourglass timer. The game's official art book, titled The Art of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, was published on October 28.[62][64]

On August 10, 2020, a piece of placeholder source code for the game's official website was found to refer to the Nintendo Switch in a section labeled "PlatformLabel", stirring speculation that the game would potentially be released on the platform.[65] On February 9, 2021, Activision and Toys for Bob announced a March 12 release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as a pending Microsoft Windows release via The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions run natively at 4K 60 FPS (with the Xbox Series S version featuring upscale to 4K), and feature faster loading times and 3D audio.[66] The Switch version displays at 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode, with both modes running at 30 FPS.[67] Those who have purchased the game on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can upgrade to the respective next-generation version at no extra cost (except in Japan) and transfer save data. The PlayStation 5 version uses the DualSense's adaptive triggers when using Cortex's and Tawna's weapons.[66] On the day of the game's release for next-gen consoles, a new "Bare Bones" skin for Crash and Coco was added, which can be obtained by completing the second level.[16] The same day, a new trailer setting the Microsoft Windows release for March 26 was revealed.[68] Due to its exclusivity, the Windows version features always online DRM.[69] The day after its release, the Windows version's digital rights management was cracked by the group Empress, allowing players to bypass the online check-in.[70] On October 7, 2022, Activision and Toys for Bob announced that the PC version of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time would be released via Steam on October 18. The announcement was made via a package delivered to influencers by Activision consisting of a pizza box with an attached receipt announcing the game's release on the service.[71]


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