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"<p class=""font_8"">Compassionate caring is one of Bumrungrad International’s principle values. It has been featured by Newsweek, International Herald Tribune, Reader’s Digest, CBS 60 Minutes, The Financial Times and Inside Man on CNN. The reportage covers Bumrungrad’s quality treatment and medical care abroad, placing it high on the list of medical tourism hospital destinations.</p>

<p class=""font_8"">Nearly all Bumrungrad doctors speak English, and the hospital employs more than 200 interpreters to cover the language needs of patients from nearly any country. The patients and their families can receive end-to-end service from pick-up and drop-off logistics as well as hotel reservations on arrival through our Bumrungrad International Airport Representative Office at Suvarnabhumi Airport.</p>

<p class=""font_8"">Convenience plays another vital role at Bumrungrad and the hospital’s one-stop medical campus is able to provide diagnostic tests, specialty referrals, and treatment within days, not weeks, so international patients can get the care they need and return home sooner. Bumrungrad International Hospital also practices a one-price-policy for all patients, meaning there is no difference in costs for local or international patients of any nationality.</p>

<p class=""font_8"">Through compassion, comfort, convenience and coordination, Bumrungrad goes the extra mile to ensure that every patient is treated equal and with care, no matter where they are from. That’s why the Thai name Bumrungrad means “care for the people.”</p>"

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